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MJ's 'no childhood' justification and bitching about his parasitic spouse and children have been these kinds of-cop outs. The day he turned 18 he might have moved out and Lower off all ties if it was so traumatic for him. He undoubtedly had the monetary means to do so.

Being a celeb, his handlers must never have authorized him to be with a youngster without having watchful bodyguards existing continually, In spite of what MJ desired.

Parents, no matter if it's biological, adoptive or foster, sharing their beds with their bed with a youngster is observed as enjoy. Nothing at all overtly sexual in that assertion Unless of course you Allow your mind wander on the gutter which can be just what MJ supposed.

Michael Jackson 'spent $35 million to silence not less than two dozen boys he abused' In line with key FBI files

As you identify Using the predators and don't give a fuck what occurs for the prey. Through which case you are a piece of shit.

"Because Barresi has reasonably lately been stripped of his P.I.'s license, I am able to picture that cash has become tight for him," Dimond claimed. "My greatest guess would be that the United kingdom paper presented Mr. Barresi various thousand dollars for his copies on the old Pellicano documents."

I failed to browse the next Element of Op's write-up nor did I read the hyperlink but. Nonetheless, I keep in mind a number of several years in the past some Internet site discovered declassified FBI data files, I don't know if these are definitely the same ones in the backlink, which stated Michael favored to head over to Mexico ,and head to very poor families in Mexico and provide them with revenue to have intercourse with their tiny boys. They desperately essential The cash and he realized it.It's mind boggling Unwell and really unfortunate.

With regards to people like Pelicano or the FBI, I am aware prior to I go through it that it's not real. These persons and corporations are with out reliability and Pelicano as well as reattributes within the FBI have histories that would make writers on the Enquirer blush.

Jackson was a fucking freak, by and thru, from his Chairman Mao slippers to his Kabuki encounter and fallen-off nose and scarecrow hair.

Roman Polanski, Lou Pearlman, Jerry Sandusky, the pedophile priests, the pedophile Boy Scout leaders--what do these instances have in common? Perps who are perfect at rationalizing their crimes, shielded by their connections with people with a sizable monetary interest in masking for them.

If MJ really was as rotten mainly because it seemed, then he was the ultimate little one groomer applying an unwitting kid star since the bait.

Pedophiles rationalize their behavior as becoming benign, and certainly Never recognize it as hazardous or perhaps inappropriate. Due to the fact MJ under no circumstances observed himself as a "authentic Grownup," It will be not easy to influence him that he should not even be in a similar Bed room as a kid.

His interest in boys is probably as a result of his misplaced childhood. He, certainly, took his fascination way way too is all such a huge waste. And yes, I think he is guilty as all sin here.

I rug cleaning Encino believe Michael was too wise to try and do something to McCauley. But his "exciting" and public friendship With all the worlds most important boy or girl star might have aided entice other boys into thinking that Michael Jackson was an exciting and harmless grown up who lived within a magical delighted put that they felt honored to acquire an invite to.

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